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Welcome to Hamilton Consulting Group.
If you are responsible for identifying and selecting training suppliers, you know how challenging it can be to find the right match for your needs.  You know what you want to change in your organization, but you want to make sure you partner with a supplier who has proven experience, innovative ideas AND the flexibility to fit their approach to YOUR requirements, not vice versa.

Hamilton Consulting provides  training, coaching, and consulting services enabling organizations to maximize revenue and improve customer relationships.  We provide needs analyses, instructional design, and
custom-designed programs that lead to increased profitability for you and your organization.

With Hamilton Consulting, you'll get the expertise and knowledge to help you, your team, and your company to succeed.  Specifically, we support your initiatives to transform your managers into leaders by enhancing their ability to develop their people.  We also specialize in re-enculturing call center and customer support agents by taking them to the next level of performance.  As a result, you gain a sustainable competitive advantage through achieving management / leadership superiority and excellence in customer service.



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Let us help you increase revenues through building employee skills

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